K & K Vending LLC

About Us

We Are

K&K VENDING, LLC., located at 5813 Blevins Circle, Montgomery, AL is a vending machine operator. We offer state-of-the art vending machines stocked with snacks, beverages, fresh and frozen foods, and coffee.

At K&K Vending, LLC. We offer snack, beverage, and convenience items from machines located in a variety of locations. We work hard to provide quality products and excellent customer service for all our clients. Our machines are well-maintained, ensuring that all the items offered remain fresh and tasty. We also have many varieties of snacks and beverages available so customers can find something to enjoy.

Our Story

K&K Vending, LLC is a family-owned business led by Andrew Williams and his two kids, Kyleigh (daughter) and Kyler (Son). Andrew knows that having a good product is essential to business success. He has invested in the best brands and latest technology today. Whether you’re looking for a soda machine or snack dispenser, we have you covered. At K&K Vending, we are committed to providing service excellence with every vending machine placed in front of our valued clients.


The Experience

Seeking to know what other thinks of our service quality? Find them here. Everything is transparent and straightforward for your sense of justification.

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