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What is a micro market?

A micro market is a small, self-contained store in a location without an employee to monitor it. It’s comprised of freestanding storage, such as shelves, that hold a product and a checkout system installed nearby. This means that there is no machine that vends the product, but the system is autonomous like a vending machine. Most micro markets are honor-system based and thus must be in a secure location, but there are new technologies such as pressure-sensitive shelves that record when product is taken off them. For a price, these technologies give vendors the option to use a more secure vending system.

A convenience shop could be located in your break room thanks to the innovative open concept design of micro-markets. You may provide your staff with the gift of wholesome, fresh food thanks to our micro-markets. Use our hassle-free self-checkout kiosks to avoid vending problems or undelivered items. Paying options include cash, credit/debit cards, and smartphones. Allow us to provide cutting-edge eating right to your workplace.